Rolex Case and Bracelet Refinishing


This service is for Rolex owner who care having their watch in perfect cosmetic condition. The result of the refinishing of a Rolex is amazing. Customer always tell me how great their watch looks after a refinishing of the case and bracelet.

Of course this service includes all the gaskets for the water resistance of your watch and a final water-test.


Case and Bracelet Cleaning


Before the refinishing, the case is disassembled and cleaned with the bracelet. This cleaning is done with an ultrasonic cleaning machine and with a steam cleaning machine. 

Case and Bracelet Polishing


After the cleaning, the polished parts of the case and bracelet are lightly buffed. Most of the small scratches will be removed but the deep scratches and dents will stay. I will not over polished your watch and will not try to remove a deep dent as it will also remove a lot of material and change the estetic of the watch



After the case and bracelet are polished and cleaned again the polished areas are protected with a special masking tape.



Each links of the bracelet are then brushed with a special wheel to leave a regular matte finish. If the lugs of the watch are brushed they will be refinished bu hand with a sand paper stick.


Water test


After the watch case is re-assembled with new gaskets it is tested for water resistance.

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